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Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO):

The next level of recruiting
With increased talent shortages, a new generation of workers, and the growth of mobile and social technologies, today’s recruiting environment is changing in dramatic ways. Be sure you stay ahead of the competition with ADP Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) — a complete outsourced solution that takes your recruitment program to the next level.
As an outsourced extension of your team, ADP can help you reduce the burdens of managing the entire process, and provide innovative, scalable solutions and sourcing strategies to successfully find, recruit, hire and retain top talent.
Reduce the burden on your resources with RPO
Talent acquisition and retention are two key drivers that can ultimately determine the future success of your business. Yet, identifying the right talent skill sets, tailoring engaging offers to generational preferences and helping to ensure talent acquisition staff develops new recruiting skills can be complex and costly.
Your expert ADP RPO team takes on the responsibility of recruitment, using our industry-leading recruiting technology to help streamline your hiring process, implement recruiting best practices (including social and mobile recruitment tactics), and lower hiring costs through decreased cycle-times.
Tackle today’s toughest hiring challenges
Our RPO solution combines dedicated service, recruitment expertise, AIRS® Certified recruiters and sophisticated recruitment technology with your in-house resources to help you create a better talent acquisition process. Our tailored solutions can help reduce cost, risk and administrative burdens while simultaneously helping to strengthen employment brand, candidate satisfaction and hiring speed. When you partner with ADP, you get:
  •  A dedicated team of recruitment specialists
  •  Advanced recruiting methodology to find, recruit, hire and retain top talent
  •  Scalable resources with sourcing expertise and transactional support
  •  RPO-enabling technology to support your existing ATS or act as a standalone system
  •  Sophisticated reporting and analytics
We provide the recruitment expertise you need, so you can focus on what’s most important.
Your people.

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