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Uncover hidden value with ADP.

Uncover hidden value
with ADP.

ADP Private Equity Program

Reduce Cost | Mitigate Risk | Increase Operational Efficiencies

Private Equity and ADP

As an extension of your operating team, ADP helps you create value by optimizing HCM (Human Capital Management) across your entire portfolio, and throughout the investment lifecycle. 

Leverage ADP throughout the investment lifecycle.

  • M&A
    ADP’s M&A services provide guidance and insight prior to the merger and before the actual transaction closes by developing a plan of how to quickly absorb or stand up those employees. ADP’s background ensures that you are complying with all the local laws and requirements and that there’s a plan to deal with the unknown items that are going to come up during the transaction.
  • Existing portfolio companies
    We’ll work with your team to evaluate and uncover HCM value creation opportunities across all your portfolio companies.
  • Companies preparing for exit
    We’ll provide quick, high-impact upgrades to help to streamline operations at your organizations and maximize your returns.

How ADP creates value to your deals.

  • A single global partner
    With our presence in 104 countries across the globe and profound understanding of local labor markets, ADP provides unparalleled HCM insights and expertise to your domestic and cross-border acquisitions.
  • An approach of Total Cost of Ownership
    Labor costs don’t just mean salaries and benefits. They also include recruiting, onboarding, compliance efforts, time and attendance tracking, and HR management systems. ADP helps companies evaluate their comprehensive costs of human capital, find new ways to create value, drive the bottom line and gain a competitive advantage.
  • Risk and compliance management
    ADP provides HR, pay and benefits, regulations insights on a global level to help you mitigate risk and ensure compliance. For your portfolio companies In USA, ADP also provides ACA education, cost-control measures, compliance and tax implications. 
  • Aggregate discounts on ADP services
    As ADP’s private equity partner, your portfolio companies will receive a minimum discount based on the aggregate spend across the portfolio. We will also speed up the procurement process including pricing negotiation and contract execution for you. 
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How ADP creates value to your deals.

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