Hong Kong Payroll Services

Successful human capital management begins with accurate and timely payrolls.

From data input to final reports, ADP’s Hong Kong payroll services are the end-to-end, single-source payroll solutions you need to support your business in Hong Kong. We help ensure that your payroll processing is accurate, compliant, and on time. In addition, you can input and access your payroll anytime, anywhere via our secure, cloud based OneHR platform.   With ADP’s reliable, automated and integrated processes, pay day is a delightfully uneventful day for you and your employees.  


  • Calculates gross-to-net pay
  • Performs quality-control checks – itemized payroll processing
  • Submits itemized payroll reports for client confirmation

  Disbursement of net salary  

  • Transfers net pay electronically to employees’ bank accounts
  • Delivers online or mobile phone e-pay slips to employees

  MPF benefits administration      

  • Calculates employer and employee MPF contributions
  • Withholds employee MPF contributions
  • Deposits contributions with MPF trustees  

  Leave and overtime administration  

  • Calculates leave and overtime
  • Provides leave and overtime balances on e-pay slips

 Join the growing number of employers who are utilizing ADP’s Hong Kong payroll services for local, in-country, and multinational payroll expertise.

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