Employee Self-Service & Leave OT

The ADP OneHR Leave and Overtime solutions integrate all employee data to allocate, monitor and manage leave and overtime. A single application suite that synchronizes with payroll and reporting, ADP OneHR is a global cloud-based solution which can be locally adapted. Teams both in-country and globally guarantee service excellence, giving organizations the confidence that IT and HR experts are on hand wherever and whenever they are needed. ADP Leave and Overtime solutions also communicate HR policies and processes across the organization, reaching those who need them.   

ADP Leave is more effective for executives, more empowering for managers, more engaging for employees, and more efficient for HR. ADP solutions will provide the following features and more:  

  • Development of employee absence entitlement and overtime allowance templates in accordance with Hong Kong statutory policies (e.g. holiday, annual leave, paid sick leave, etc). Overtime allowance templates supplied and pre-configured.
  • Customization for employees and managers based on an employee’s work pattern and leave/overtime policy. Changes made apply only to selected employees. Optional configuration of entitlement accrual based on the number of days, weeks, or months that have passed since the employee joined. 
  • Personalized definitions of workflows and policies. ADP Leave and Overtime functions provide employees and managers with automated processes and transparent, easy-to-use information.

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