GDPR is coming, fasten your seat belt

European data protection rules are set to change

Are you prepared for the turbulence ahead?

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is due to hit all 28 EU member states on May 25 2018, GDPR represents the biggest change to data protection law in 30 years. It includes high penalties for non-compliance – up to 4% of a company’s worldwide revenue (or €20m; whichever is higher) – and extends not just to data controllers, but data processors too. 
Wherever you are in the world, as long as you do business in the EU and handle EU residents’ data, GDPR will mean a whole new era of data governance and enhanced requirements on security and personal data. Chinese companies are also subject to penalties in case of non-compliance. 
At ADP, it is at the heart of our mission to protect your privacy and security, and to help you keep up with the constantly changing compliance landscape. Whether you’re in HR, IT or Finance, ADP would like to invite you to board the GDPR plane now safely with us. 
Download IDC’s exclusive ‘Cloud, Compliance and the Case for HR Transformation to support your HCM Strategy’ executive brief now and learn:
  • Why leaders outside of Europe should be concerned about how data privacy and GDPR will affect their day-to-day business processes*.
  • How to navigate the turbulence generated by implementing GDPR.
  • How cloud services could provide the GDPR silver lining you’re looking for.
Step on board for a free webinar on GDPR
You don’t have to study the new legislation all alone by yourself. ADP has already captured the highlights for you. Join ADP’s data privacy experts in a recorded webinar to learn more about the looming GDPR legislation and its potential impact on your role and your organisation. 
*IDC Report 2017

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GDPR legislation: a new era of improved data governance

  The upcoming GDPR legislation declares a new era of improved data governance, it is set to impact your own role and your organization.