Preparing for a Merger and Acquisition integration?

Did you know about the M&A paradox?

There are more Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A) happening than ever before, but the failure rate is at an all-time high. Study after study puts the failure rate of mergers and acquisitions between 70% and 90%. One reason is that the people aspects are overlooked.
HR’s critical factors to M&A success
If you don’t get the people side of due diligence right, then imminent failure is the likely result. Your human resources team should play a key role in M&A success with managing the messy complexity of Compliance, IT and Culture. Don’t make it harder for your business (If only an HR partner was called upon sooner!) and turn M&A challenges into HR opportunities.

Where we can help

The benefit of having an expert HR BPO provider throughout an M&A deal, for both buyer and seller, cannot be understated. ADP’s M&A services provides guidance and insight prior to the merger and before the actual transaction closes by developing a plan of how to quickly absorb or stand up those employees.
ADP’s background helps you to comply with all the local laws and requirements and that there’s a plan to deal with the unknown items that are going to come up during the transaction.
To find how preparing for a merger and acquisition integration download our report.

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