Get payment trends and perceptions that can shape your business

Payroll has always been complicated, but now it’s about more than just getting the numbers right. Research done by ADP reveals that today’s employees prioritise flexible choices when it comes to their pay – and if you want to win tomorrow’s top talent, it’s down to you to take action.

Get detailed research findings and statistics on the state of pay across APAC today and how it will evolve in the future:

  • Payment options across APAC and how knowing about this helps you win and retain top talent
  • How various payment options impact the finances of your business and your employees
  • A global view of traditional vs non-traditional payment methods
  • How you can stay competitive by offering different payment options
  • Balancing new technologies and security concerns

Discover the key statistics


Infographic – View a summary of the key statistics and perceptions that influence the world of pay today.


Whitepaper – Gain an in-depth understanding of the state of pay today globally, with a particular focus on APAC.

Want more insights?

Spend an hour with ADP on our webinar and join in the discussion on how you can improve talent acquisition and retention by supporting your employees in their financial wellness.

Speaker: Sara Klein
Role: ADP® Research Institute Senior Director, Market Research 

Watch the webinar now >

"For employers seeking to embrace change, who want to elevate their workforce and adapt to the new world of work, considering how employees are paid is just an important a consideration as how much they are paid."

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