High definition research into employee attitudes

Between 2019 and early 2020, ADP Research Institute surveyed 32,442 workers in 17 countries across four continents, capturing a snapshot of employee opinion before the pandemic hit. In a quick-pivot response to COVID-19, a subsequent 11,000 workers were surveyed in six of the countries across the same regions, providing a robust picture of worker sentiment immediately before and after the virus took hold.

Flexible working

As remote working increased, did employees feel empowered to use flexible working options?

Job lifespans

How many workers believe their job will no longer exist in five years’ time?

Pay problems

How many employees were prepared to take a pay cut or defer salary to save jobs?

Contract or permanent

Was there appetite for gig work and did permanent employees still favour a permanent role?

What Hong Kong’s workforce said

Find out what employees in your country felt about loyalty, flexible working and pay conditions. Discover their hopes for the future and how payroll and HR could help turn them into reality.

  • 27% of senior managers in Asia Pacific said flexible working was an option
  • Asia Pacific’s employees worked an average 8.5 hours per week for free

Overall, long-term positivity persists

Pre-COVID-19, 92% of employees were optimistic about the next five years in the workplace. Despite the pandemic, 84% of respondents remained optimistic in the Post-COVID-19 report.

North America


South America


Jan 2020   May 2020

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