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Find out how the ADP solutions have helped businesses in the Retail sector to improve their processes and achieve great results.


Established in 1967 by Victor and Rita Bertrand, Mega Brands is a Canadian children’s toy company currently owned by Mattel. It produces construction set toys, puzzles, and other craft-based products primarily targeted towards children. Based in Montreal, Mega Brands employs 1700 people, has revenues of over $400 million, and reaches over 100 countries through sales and distribution. It is the second largest competitor in the construction building sets category, a $4 billion industry.


DITA is a luxury eyewear brand that offers both optical frames and sunglasses for men and women. By focusing on grace, beauty, and craftsmanship, the company hopes to create the world’s finest and most beautiful eyewear. Production of a DITA frame may take as many as 320 steps over 8 months, and often relies on traditional techniques that yield finished products with superior quality. Inspired by previous generations of artisans and craftsmen, DITA displays mastery of their art form through passionate commitment to excellence.

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