Social Benefit Services for China

Make social benefits administration easy.

ADP helps you to deal with the complexity of China social benefit administration.  

The rules that govern social benefits administration in China are complicated, difficult to manage, and subject to change. ADP’s China Social Benefit Service helps you navigate and control every aspect of your social benefits administration, from accurate benefits account management to timely filings compliant with current government regulations.  

ADP China Social Benefit Service assists you by:  

  • Providing a policy library to ensure local compliance
  • Setting up social benefits accounts
  • Managing transfer-in and transfer-out of the accounts for on-boarding and off-boarding
  • Deducting and paying Social Security Insurances and Public Housing Fund disbursements to designated government agencies for employees
  • Filing social benefits in compliance with government regulations
  • Automatically accessing, saving, and generating standard reports that comply with local regulations
  • Tracking social benefits status online in real-time



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