Maximise efficiency, minimise compliance risk with ADP MPF services

Compliantly manage your MPF administration with the payroll experts

ADP Hong Kong MPF services makes MPF savings administration easy to manage.   Hong Kong’s Mandatory Provident Fund (MPF) is a privately managed, compulsory contribution program that helps Hong Kong workers save for their retirement years.  

Each payment period, employers and employees make compulsory contributions. Wages need to be calculated. Assessments deducted. Deposits made. Remittances sent. Reports prepared. Everything needs to be completed in a timely and compliant manner.   That’s where ADP comes in.  

Maximise efficiency, minimise compliance risk  

ADP Hong Kong MPF services helps Hong Kong employers to compliantly manage their MPF administration by:  

  • Calculating employer and employee MPF contributions
  • Withholding employee MPF contributions from gross pay
  • Depositing, as authorized, employer and employee MPF contributions each payment period with the designated MPF trustee
  • Preparing a monthly MPF summary report
  • Providing a monthly MPF remittance statement to the designated MPF trustee
  • Facilitating the enrollment of new hires

Additionally, ADP’s professional staff keeps up-to-date on regulatory requirements to help ensure that ADP Hong Kong MPF services solution is a compliant solution.   Let ADP move your funds   ADP is one of the world’s most experienced and trusted movers of funds for its payroll clients. With your authorization and dedicated bank account, ADP money disbursement service will electronically move net pay funds to each employee’s individual bank account and MPF funds to your MPF trustee.

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