Global Payroll Service

Payroll services tailored for multi-country companies.

Get local tax and payroll expertise combined with global HCM experience.

With more than 3,500 skilled experts in over 70 countries, ADP® can provide the technology, processes, and best practices for managing your human capital. No global payroll services provider can match ADP's ability to provide efficient international payroll services, plus data integration and analytics.    

Predict and lower human capital management costs.

ADP helps you to see your expenditures and eliminate the complexities caused by using multiple platforms. By standardizing your multi-country human capital management strategy across regions, you can devote more resources to the strategic initiatives that can help you achieve growth goals. Firms that use a global human capital management strategy reduce total cost of ownership by an average of 26%.     

Apply talent management for your people and your business.

ADP's human capital management solution gives you more visibility into your global workforce. As a result, you can use your new insights to manage your organization more effectively. With an accurate, consolidated view of your workforce, you will be better equipped to make smarter and more efficient decisions. A full 40% of companies don't feel they have the necessary human capital data needed to make good decisions.     

Reduce regulatory and payroll compliance risk.

Keeping up with changing local labor laws and regulations in each country can be a challenge. ADP Global Payroll Services’ in-country experts on local regulations help you lower risk by achieving better compliance. Over 60% of HR leaders identify compliance as their number one challenge.     

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