Uncover hidden value with ADP

As an extension of your operating team, ADP® can help you create value by reducing cost, mitigating risk, and optimising human capital management (HCM) across your entire portfolio, and throughout the investment life cycle.

M&A and carve-outs

During the due-diligence process, we help you to decrease stand-up times, support transitional service agreement (TSA) negotiations, provide risk assessment and mitigation, and offer unique HCM insight.

As a global leader in HR, benefits and payroll solutions, combined with nearly 70 years of compliance and regulatory expertise, ADP helps buyers and sellers reduce HR costs by integrating and streamlining HR processes in complicated M&A transactions.

Existing portfolio companies

We’ll work with you to uncover and evaluate HCM value-creation opportunities across all your portfolio companies.

Through our expertise as well as big data insights and research from the ADP Research Institute, we help you identify human capital needs and trends across APAC region.

Companies preparing for exit

We provide quick, high-impact solutions to help to streamline operations at your organisations and maximise your returns.

A single global partner

Why do some of the most prestigious firms in the world partner with ADP? Because we create value for every portfolio company, regardless of size or location. We support more than 810,000 businesses in over 140 countries and territories.

With our presence across the globe and profound understanding of local labor markets, ADP provides unparalleled HCM insights and expertise to your domestic and overseas portfolio companies. 

Support strong business growth in APAC

Private equity/venture capital-backed companies in the Asia-Pacific (APAC) region are growing fast, while competing with or complementing global organisations. Companies are facing unique challenges in this region including diverse and evolving business conditions, changing regulatory requirements, and rapidly increasing number of employees. 

When you partner with ADP, you get:

  • Efficient and compliant HR and payroll delivery that can scale with company growth
  • Avoid the risks of potential financial penalty on non-compliant payroll across APAC
  • Advanced and complete cloud HCM fits any size of high-growth companies

Reduction in total costs of ownership

Labor costs don’t just mean salaries and benefits. They also include recruiting, onboarding, compliance efforts, time and attendance tracking, and HR management systems.

We help your company evaluate your human capital costs and find new ways to create value, drive the bottom line and gain a competitive advantage. 

Optimise HCM for every company in your portfolio

Every company in your portfolio is unique, and we can tailor HCM solutions for each of them. From stand-alone technology to fully outsourced options, we work with companies of all sizes around the globe.

We help drive top-line and bottom-line revenue for more than 810,000 clients around the world.

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