An integrated suite of global Human Capital Management (HCM) services, including local tax and payroll expertise, and sophisticated talent management services.

A suite of payroll and human capital management services provided by a single vendor.

Ideal for international organizations of 2,500+ employees, GlobalView® is an integrated solution that provides local, regional, or national expertise as per your business requests.
GlobalView® is the ultimate single-platform, multi-lingual, multi-currency service that allows you to easily manage your staff, costs, and business decisions in full compliance of complex international legislations.

How does® work?

GlobalView® is essentially a partnership between ADP’s in-country experts and your business. With innovative technology and decades of experience, ADP will implement a service that meets your specific payroll and human resources management needs.
GlobalView’s flexibility allows you to choose the service your business needs, whether it be payroll processing, managed payroll, or fully outsourced services. It can also incorporate other ADP solutions to serve as a web-hosted software-as-a-service HR system, employee/manager self-service portal, or time and labour management tool.

What are the benefits of using®?

  • Consistency: Working from one platform with one view promotes consistency between employees around the world.
  • Local Compliance: ADP has over 3,500 experts based in 70 countries. We will apply international know-how and a best practice HR approach to manage and remunerate your global workforce, in strict adherence with the host country rules and regulations.
  • Cost Savings: Using a single platform and standardizing people strategies eliminates unnecessary costs involved with running disjoint platforms, allowing you to reallocate resources towards initiatives that have more growth and profit potential.
  • Greater Visibility:® offers improved visibility into the workforce by providing you with the critical, real-time management information you need to make important business decisions.

Anything else I need to know?

You will also be able to utilize GlobalHRStudio, a comprehensive library of information covering everything from HR best practices to the latest international business news, to help you better formulate policies, procedures, and strategies pertaining to your people.  

ADP® makes international human capital management simple.

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