ADP OneHR for Hong Kong

Administrative payroll tasks and compliance requirements? Leave it to the experts.

Manage HR by changing the process. It’s time to call ADP.

Effective Human Capital Management is about maximizing the value of your company’s greatest asset: your employees. How well you care for their HR needs – starting with accurate and timely payrolls –will be reflected in their contributions towards your company’s success. ADP OneHR Hong Kong can help by enabling you to:  

  • Build accurate HR records and minimize HR paperwork
  • Maximize transparency
  • Streamline processes
  • Lower your HR infrastructure and technology expenses
  • Mitigate your exposure to the constantly shifting landscape of HR-related compliance
  • Allocate more time for your company leadership and HR team to focus on strategic issues
  • Open the door to ultimate process automation through our powerful and secure Web-based OneHR platform
  • Introduce an HR paradigm change through employee and manager self-service

ADP has been helping businesses like yours with payroll outsourcing for over 70 years. Using our payroll system, our experts integrate your payroll and HR information into a single unified platform, saving you time to focus on your business. 

OneHR Hong Kong employee and manager self-service

Your employees, managers, and executives all benefit from self-service.  

  • Employees have access to their payroll information – including pay e-slips delivered online or to their mobile phones – and can file or track applications for leave/overtime online.
  • Managers can review, approve, and amend employees’ requests for leave/overtime online. Additionally, they gain access to information that can help reduce expenses and expedite workflow, freeing up time to focus on strategic initiatives instead.
  • Executive decision makers receive business information reports that help them manage costs, make real-time adjustments, and plan for future human capital management needs.

ADP OneHR Hong Kong handles the details

OneHR Hong Kong drives efficiency through:  

  • Flexible and scalable payroll outsourcing services, enabling you to scale up your needs and add on HR capabilities where required
  • Email reminders which help employees track the status of their leave/overtime applications
  • Calculations of leave time balances for each employee by pay moth and date. Employees can view their leave time balances each pay cycle, as well as their leave application history, details, and balance summary
  • Calculations of overtime hour data and input into the payroll processing for the month, based on pre-set rules using our payroll system
  • Reports at the end of each pay cycle on leave/overtime management and employee leave status
  • With ADP's affordable small business payroll, you only pay for the options you want.

ADP provides the reports

OneHR Hong Kong reports enable you to manage your payroll expense and your employees with greater efficiency. Our standard reports include:  

  • Active Employee Report
  • Payroll Details
  • Payroll Summary
  • Payroll Variance
  • 13th Month Salary Report
  • Bank File
  • Year-End Report for Annual MPF Contribution Review

Learn more about our approach to small business payroll as well as global payroll solutions for your large or multinational business.

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