ADP Streamline®

A global payroll service that puts your workforce first.

A global payroll service that puts your workforce first.

For international corporations doing business across multiple countries, cultures, and currencies, meeting the individual payroll needs of a global workforce can be a daunting and time-consuming task.

Ask most multinational corporations about their employees’ global payroll, and you’re likely to get one of the following reactions:

“To be honest, we struggle to achieve consistency in our payroll processing.”
“We’re planning to expand our global operations, and are worried that we won’t have proper control or visibility of payroll services in our new markets.”
“We didn’t realise a single global payroll solution from a sole vendor was possible.”

Extend your Business reach: Streamline serves over 100 countries worldwide

ADP Streamline® is the solution. Locally managed and centrally controlled, Streamline is an outsourced payroll and HR services platform that operates in over 100 countries. Let ADP handle your global payroll, leaving you free to focus on running your business.

Wherever your company does or is planning to do business, Streamline is already there – you can easily scale your payroll and HR administration needs as you expand your global footprint.

One single platform with multiple advantages

Our certified network of in-country payroll experts helps you enhance your international governance by bringing you in-depth knowledge of local payroll laws, risks, and requirements.

Our central monitoring platform allows you to seamlessly manage your entire payroll process across multiple international operations.

Our universal format enables you to exchange HR data in a consistent, standardized, and totally secure environment. It also acts as a firewall, protecting your HR interfaces from risks related to multi-country payroll platform changes and upgrades.

We identify and collect all payroll data you submit (dates, formats, currencies, etc.) and translate them into your local payroll requirements. We then provide you with a set of key payroll output reports in a consistent format across all countries. Online, ADP Streamline® presents a real-time view of your payroll status across your entire organization, with built-in service metrics that allow you to track progress.

We send you a single invoice for all of your company’s countries so you can see your total payroll costs at a glance.

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