Unlock your potential in human capital management!

Are you looking for a comprehensive, flexible and secure payroll and MPF and tax solutions?

Emerging technology, methods, and practices are accelerating system obsolescence and increasing cost pressure; Regulations and compliance requirements keep evolving; Business growth and geographical expansion are creating new complexities for governance, visibility and decision-making;

ADP will help you to create a streamlined payroll management process to pay your employees timely and accurately

In addition, you will be able to fully control your payroll and MPF and tax management from data collection and processing, net salary disbursement, tax and MPF benefits administration to reporting. 
With a single internet portal, your employees, managers and executives can all access useful information:
  • Employees can view their pay slips online anytime anywhere 
  • Managers can review and approve employees’ requests online, and gain access to information that will expedite workflow, freeing up time to focus on strategic initiatives instead  
  • Executive decision makers will receive business reports that help them manage costs, make real-time adjustments, and plan for future human capital management needs

From now until May 31, 2017, clients who purchase payroll and MPF and tax solutions combined can save up to 30%!

ADP will provide you with the skills, practices and technology you need to manage your payroll and MPF and tax. Our local service team will also provide you with professional support and ensure compliance, so you will be freed up to focus on your core business.
Please leave your contact information on the right side, our district manager will reach out to your shortly to discuss how you can unlock you potential in human capital management!
*The special offer mentioned above will be effective when clients purchase payroll and MPF and tax solutions. Please consult the district manager in your region for more details. 

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